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Special Note: Due to the construction, renovation, and resurfacing of Oak Street, A Work of Art gallery will be open only on Saturdays. Stay turned for updates regarding the return to regular hours.

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Juli Juneau

Juli Juneau

In 1995, Juli Juneau created Nomad Collection, an import business featuring sarongs, jewelry and her own travel photography. After years of admiring blown glass, Juli began to create her own glass art in 1999. Her glass art has a luster reflecting her spirit and curiosity. Her work is in many collections indluding those of Irvin Mayfield, Dustin Hoffman, Dr. Ralph Lupin, Gerry and Murray Valene, Anheuser Busch Private Collection, Lou Gossett, Jr. andthe Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. Juneau's work is on display in over 15 states and 8 countries.

Juli Juneau’s vision and inspiration for her glass art can be described by her following quotes: “I was drawn to the beauty, sensuality, smoothness and feel of glass itself. Much like our own human nature, glass is surreal and strong while being fragile and delicate at the same time.” “What I love about life and the artistry of glass is that they are both a study in contrasts: scary, exciting, heavy, soft, extreme, sublime, fiery, calm, sharp and always unexpected.”

“Creating dynamic works of art by using the grandeur of size, weight, and shape and by speaking in colors is truly my passion. I enjoy juxtaposing drama and power with grace and glamour, to truly whisper delicately or to shout with vibrancy and enthusiasm.” “Glass is an adventure and I love adventure. I am especially inspired and influenced by the colors and rhythms of life. My glass art has a luster reflecting from the spirit of curiosity. Each time I step into the studio, I am excited by the potential of what I might create. The ever-present expectation of the unexpected- it’s like stepping into liquid.”

New Orleans Photo Alliance

New Orleans Photo Alliance Member Show
Members of the New Orleans Photo Alliance displayed their myriad photographic skills at a special show that ran from February 28 to March 28, 2009. Exhibitors included:

Cile Bailey
Thom Bennett
Patricia "Muffin" Sills Bernstein
Mia Black
Ze daLuz
Paulo “Steven” Diniz
George "Najja Faluke" Dupre
Bruce Keyes
Michelle Aline Pujols
Gary Michael Smith
Michelle "Misha" Wuttke


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